Golden Mazzeh Hotel has 4 venues that can be used in diverse and creative ways.

The venues are named after the major cities in the region, Damascus, Aleppo, Beirut and Baghdad.

Beirut Ballroom

Host your banquet, conference, and celebrations at our largest venue in the hotel. With an independent entrance, Beirut Ballroom is situated by the pool, and can be opened directly to the pool area in summer to become a huge venue, and help you make your dream event a reality. It is by far our most luxurious venue, ideal for hosting the most extravagant events.

Location: ground level - by the pool

Damascus Meeting Room

A fresh and modern meeting room, fully equipped for all business demands, Damascus Meeting Room blends creative design with a crisp setting to guarantee your audience’s attention. The world map on the wall is made up of computer keyboard keys that fit together to create a fine piece of art.

Location: -1 floor.

Aleppo Meeting Room

Creative yet simplistic, this venue will cater to all your company’s needs. Aleppo Meeting Room is a compact space, perfect for conveying ideas. Bolted on the wall there are several dial-up phones that are tastefully placed to form a beautiful masterpiece. The dials still rotate, but don’t get too distracted by them or else you might miss out on the meeting!

Location: -1 floor

Baghdad Teatro

Filled with speakers, a projector and a stage, Baghdad Teatro is ideal for hosting presentations, small musical events, plays... The venue is sure to fully immerse your listeners in whatever idea you are presenting audibly and visually. Flattened brass instruments line up the wall to provide a wonderful and eccentric sight.

Location: -1 floor

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